Michel Black founded Landscaping WP in 1962 and has led the company’s evolution in growing from a small local company to a significant regional force.

James’s first role on the our team was in 1987 as a landscape foreman. He accumulated a wealth of experience that contributed to the success.

He started with Landscaping WP as a construction foreman in 2000. Drawing upon his in-depth knowledge of the landscape industry.

Kenny joined our team in 2013 to direct and manage the accounting and financial reporting. She provides financial data and support.

Duc Kotek is a Kutoa Board Member and been with the movement since its inception. Doxsee has leant his skills to the organization and has been developing software for over 13 years, working with organizations from large to small across diverse sec…


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Our landscaping company has professionals in landscape design, construction and maintenance. We invest in the talent and equipment necessary to create and maintain landscapes that mirror the lifestyles and unique tastes of discriminating clients while adding distinction and value to their properties.

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